David Webster is a genealogy genius. While researching my Scottish ancestors David discovered the information given to me by another researcher to be the wrong family. David then linked me with my true ancestors. He is the best at what he does.

Darlene Law-Ebel, USA

David Webster's genealogical research is second to none. His attention to detail in solving my "brick wall" and finding my lost ancestors was greatly appreciated.

Fiona Zwart, Australia

The speed at which David found Scottish relatives for us was amazing. We found him to be very thorough, with excellent knowledge of resources, and easy to communicate with.

Beverly & Dick Buchanan, Chicago, USA

God sent me David Webster genealogist extraordinaire for which I am eternally grateful.  In just one afternoon, and with the scant info I gave him, he unearthed four generations of my biological father’s line.   I never knew my father but thanks to David Webster I do now. Every time I hit a brick wall I call on David safe in the knowledge that he will be courteous, considerate, more than willing to help and of course very accurate.  

Annette W Rogers, Glasgow

Your Scottish Military knowledge, help in providing reference pointers and unearthing papers has been amazing.

You’ve always taken the time to answer my, sometimes silly, questions and each new snippet that has come to light has left me wanting to know more.

Many, many thanks

Sylvia Lagah, New Zealand

When my own long-distance research into the Scottish records had been maximised I spent quite a few months wishing I knew someone I could feel comfortable enough with to get me through the online statutory record barriers. Genealogy is such a personal business and for my own sake I needed to feel that same connection with a researcher that I was willing to trust with my family tree.  Upon discovering David W. Webster of Ross Genealogy I knew instantly that he was the professional I had been hoping for. I’ve happily returned for his expertise several times during the past year and couldn’t be happier with the progress that’s been achieved!

Jean S. Pendexter, USA

When I met David Webster, I knew only that my grandfather had come from Scotland. With David's expertise as a genealogist, instructor, and lecturer my roots in Scotland are well documented into the 1700s. I encourage everyone with Scottish interests to avail themselves of David's services.

Elizabeth Hoy, Maryland.

I would highly recommend David for anyone who may require help or information that they are unable to obtain themselves as I found him to be VERY ACCURATE, very helpful and very fast with any data/information I required, The  help David gives and gets quickly would also save a lot of needless time and effort for yourself  on the internet or in Library's etc.

Linda  Tinney

When I first had contact with David W. Webster, I had just received my father's birth certificate with a surname on it I never knew. My father, born and raised in Scotland, had passed away in California and with his death he created baffling mystery. This shocking, painful information led me to search for my real grandfather and find out who I really was.

From information David W. Webster obtained, I found out what happened to my grandfather, I was able to locate cousins in Edinburgh that we never knew existed, they in turn never even knew that my grandfather had a son! The research David did opened new and exciting doors for my siblings, cousins, and me, as well as bringing closure to the not knowing who we really were. I can now proudly say I'm a Dakers, thanks to David!

He is the King of Researchers!

Heather 'Dakers' Ledgerwood, California

Just being very fresh to researching, an absolute newbie, I contacted David for his professional services. He is my ultimate hero who helped find all about my Haughie/Haughey families from Glasgow, Scotland. I would often ask, I am sure, some pretty silly questions, but he always answered them VERY quickly & professionally. I now have over 1400 names in my family tree.

He is my ultimate hero & for anyone contemplating using a professional genealogist he is the man to ask – I’m 100% satisfied - Old or New researchers you can always learn something from David.

Many thanks again David for teaching & helping me so much

Judy Smith - Hamilton, New Zealand

If anyone needs a professional genealogist, I whole-heartedly recommend David Webster. Several years ago I was a neophyte, trying to find my family in Scotland.  Having no idea where to start and having only my grandparents names, dates of birth and approximate locations, I contacted David through a web-forum and within a matter of weeks, he had found family dating back over 100 years. If it wasn't for David's expertise and advice, I wouldn't be nearly as far along as I am.

Barbara Sleeper, Massachusetts, USA

With only my Grandfather's name and my Great-Grandmother first name and the rumour that they were from Scotland I was at a standstill with my research until I took one of David's classes and e-mailed him for help. In a few days with his help I traced my ancestry back over five generations into the 1700s. I would highly recommend David to anyone who needs help with their research

Gene Adamson Atlanta, GA USA

My children are first generation New Zealanders, and when my first grandchild arrived I wanted him to know where his family originated from, so I started to try and research my family.  My mother had been adopted and I needed someone I could trust in Scotland to be able to view her adoption papers for me for any information that could help us. David Webster came highly recommended, and with his expertise he managed to take my family line back to 1840 in a matter of 16 hours. I can’t speak highly enough of David’s accuracy, and speed. 

David arrives in New Zealand next month (June 2005) as a guest speaker for The NZ Society of Genealogists and will be covering a lot of NZ. After David’s lectures I figure he will have more work then he knows what to do with. I will definitely be in the audience to hear him speak.

Sandra Lewis, New Zealand

This service has without doubt changed the way I approach my Genealogy. Like many amateurs I have been stuck in many corners, up against the brick wall, and with David's help he has given me the keys to many doors. This service is fast, friendly and efficient and I would recommend using this service as a way of progressing in your searches. Not only will you get the answers you need you will develop and learn new skills from using the information given.

Stuart Dalgleish

Hi my name is Pam, from New Zealand. Many years ago David answered a family query I had placed on network, it turned out to be the best reply, because he found three generations of my family.  I found David to be very knowledgeable in Scottish history; understanding in your research needs and takes the time to gather all the papers required to prove his results. I would highly recommend David to any one trying to knock down that brick wall in their Scottish family history.


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