"The Naming and Numbering Scottish Regiments of Foot Cavalry and Militia"            (8,723 words), ISBN 0 9528 3611 4, 1999, 1st edition, £6.50 + p&p

Available from The Scottish Genealogical Society at                                        

“A Scottish Genealogical and Family History Bibliography”, (5,120 words),              ISBN 0 9528 3612 2, Oct 2001. £6.50 plus p&p

"Searching Names Using Wildcards and Soundex", 20 pages,

ISBN 0 9528 3614 9, May 2004. £4.00 + p&p.

"Useful World Wide Web Sites for Scottish Research", 16 pages                              ISBN 0 9528 3613 11, May 2004. £4.50 + p&p

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