A tremendous amount of information is out there just waiting to be accessed at libraries and archives around Scotland. An index to an increasing amount of this is becoming available via the SCAN project which aims to make available a national index to the holdings of Scottish libraries and archives, - see

As well as the information that the SCAN project may be able to provide that could help you trace your Scottish ancestors, there are three other groups of links that you should investigate, -

In addition, I cannot emphasise too strongly the value of Google and other search engines. Over the last few years I have learnt, and had to relearn, and re-re-learn the lesson on many occasions that there is most often at least some relevant information to be discovered out there on the marvellous resource that is the World Wide Web. Sometimes you will have to spend considerable efforts in adjusting the search terms, sometimes you only have to look at the first page of hits, sometimes you have to continue on to the 28th page of hits, but I can reassure you from long and hard experience that an utterly amazing amount of information is out there on the www just waiting to be found, - sometimes directly valuable information, more often, perhaps, indirectly invaluable information in terms of resources available in an archive somewhere, - this can be official sources, or individual projects, - my favourite example being someone who has indexed all the applications for a pedlar’s licence in a certain county in Scotland, as well as extracting from the OPRs for the same county all records relating to soldiers.


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